Manyeleti Game Reserve


Manyeleti Game Reserve is located between Timbavati Game Reserve and Kruger National Park. This privately owned reserve shares borders with both parks, ensuring visitors to experience an authentic wildlife adventure.Manyeleti Game Reserve offers spectacular sightings of not only the Big Five, but also other species such as the leopard.

Why Go:

  • Exceptional wildlife viewing, especially the Big Five
  • Part of the 'Greater Kruger' ecosystem
  • Option of three lodges with different budgets
  • Quieter than Timbavati and Sabi Sands
  • Safari activities such as walking safaris and open vehicles night and day drives


Manyeleti Game Reserve offers exceptional and spectacular sightings of safari animals, including the Big Five. The leopards, grazers, and antelopes are comparatively easier to spot since they are often found roaming around the area. Manyeleti Game Reserve places importance on visitors to experience the rounded bush.

More About the Wildlife


Manyeleti Game Reserve’s environment is found to be of mixed woodlands and grassy plains. The vegetation turns quite thick during the rainy season

Best Time to Visit

The months May to September is considered as the dry season, which provides the finest weather for visitors to experience the best wildlife watching. The morning during these months can get quite chilly. As the season ends in September, it starts to get warm. This is the time when it becomes easier to catch sights of the wildlife. The months of October to April are the wetter months. The bush is quite dense and thick, making it harder to see the animals.

More About the Best Time to Visit

Weather & Climate

Summertime in Manyeleti is during the months of October to April. These months are considered to be consistently humid and hot. The temperature can be found to raise up to 40°C/104°F. During the day, the average temperature is 31°C/88°F. The months January and February are when the heat starts to diminish. May to September are the winter months where the temperature is quite pleasant. The average reading during the daytime shows 25°C/77°F.

More About the Weather and Climate

Wildlife & Animals

Manyeleti Game Reserve offers the visitors, a genuine and authentic wildlife experience. This reserve is considered as a part of the ecosystem of Greater Kruger. Visitors might find the wildlife, a little less exciting than other neighboring private reserves such as Timbavati. The usual safari animals are all present in this reserve, especially the Big Five.
Abundant Common Occasional Rare None
  • Elephant


  • Wild Dog

    Wild Dog

  • Hyena


  • Cheetah


  • Leopard


  • Lion


  • Black Rhino

    Black Rhino

  • White Rhino

    White Rhino

  • Wildebeest


  • Zebra


  • Buffalo


  • Hippo


  • Giraffe



Best Time to Visit

The best time for visitors to plan their trip to Manyeleti Game Reserve is between the months of May and September. At this time of the winter months when the season is dry, visitors are sure to experience the best of wildlife viewing in the region. The reason why this season is the prime time for wildlife viewing is that the foliage is thin and water is scarce. Therefore, animals head out to seek sources of water, making it easier for the guests to catch their sight. The month of September tends to get quite warm. This time of the month is a low season at Manyeleti Game Reserve since there are fewer crowds.
May to September
- Dry Season - Winter
  • The vegetation starts to thin down, making it easier to spot the wildlife
  • Clear, bright days
  • Pleasant temperature during the daytime and less humidity
  • No risk of catching malaria
October to April
- Wet Season -Summer
  • Fresh, green scenery
  • Sights of many newborn animals
  • Excellent time for bird watching due to bird migration are present

Weather & Climate

The seasons in Manyeleti Game Reserve fall opposite to the summer and winter seasons of North America and Europe. The dry winter season in Manyeleti Game Reserve falls during the months of May and September, whereas the wet summer season falls during the months of October and April. The summer months tend to get quite humid and hot, while winters are dry and mild. The nights of the winter months get quite cold and chilly, therefore, visitors must keep some warm clothing when heading out on their night and early morning game drives. The wet season will also bring some afternoon thundershowers, although it will hardly rain all day.
Climate Chart
Dry Season
- May to September - Winter

Since nearly no rain occurs during all of the winter and the humidity level is very low, water is scarce.

Animals tend to come out of their habitats to the permanent water sources on their search for water.

  • May This month marks the summer season coming to its end. The temperature shows a reading of 12°C/54°F, which makes the mornings quite cool and pleasant. The afternoon temperature reading shows an average of 26°C/79°F.
  • June, July and August Visitors are specifically advised to pack some warm clothing when traveling to Manyeleti Game Reserve during these months. The open vehicle morning game drives will be quite chilly and cold. The morning temperature shows a recording of 10°C/50°F. Throughout the day, the temperature stays quite pleasant and the sky clear of clouds. The average reading shows the temperature to be around 25°C/77°F.
  • September During this month, the first rain brings relief from the very dry conditions, as heat builds to around 28°C/82°F. Morning temperatures are warmer, around 14°C/57°F.
Wet Season
- October to April - Summer

The summertime at Manyeleti Game Reserve can get pretty humid and hot. The temperature during the daytime can reach over 40°C/104°F, although the average temperature is measured to be around 31°C/88°F.

The humidity level can become quite high; therefore, the afternoon storms occur quite frequently.

  • October and November The weather gets warmer and rainfall occurs quite frequently in the afternoons. The average morning temperature measures to be around 17°C/63°F, while the afternoon temperature measures an average of 30°C/86°F.
  • December, January and February During these three months, the humidity level is high. These months are the wettest and the hottest of all. Torrential downpours during the afternoons are quite common at this time. The temperature can reach up to 40°C/104°F, which can sometimes be hard to bear. The average temperature throughout the day is normally 31°C/88°F.
  • March and April At this time of the month, the temperature slowly starts to cool down and the rainfall starts to decrease. This trend continues until the month of April when the days become sunny and clear with low humidity. The nights become cooler with the temperature averaging 16°C/61°F. During the day, the temperature ranges around 28°C/82°F.

Getting There

Travellers and visitors, wanting to visit Manyeleti Game Reserve, will have to land in in Johannesburg at O.R. Tambo International Airport. Visitors can also land in Hoedspruit at Eastgate Airport and catch a connecting flight. The distance from the airport to the reserve is measured to be approximately 44km/27mi.

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